Collaborative Music Project for Earth and All Life

This is a call out to anyone who would like to collaborate on songs (and video) encouraging people to be aware of and be vocal and active in the shift to making this a sustainable and peaceful planet where life is valued above all else and we look to make sure our planet is even better for those 7 generations along.

This can be done online or in person.

My studio is in Cincinnati Ohio.

 … More details below the contact form.

NOTE: This form requires an email address but if you don’t use email just make one up and put that in there but make sure to add your phone number in the message part of the form and also tell me not to email back.

This project is about using our creativity to awaken others to issues, what we can do, why they should care, that they are not powerless and so forth.

This can be done in person (my studio is in Cincinnati Ohio, USA) or over the internet.

The music (and videos if we make them) and anything that is a part of this project is not meant to be a commercial venture, we will be sharing the music out but that does not mean we are not maintaining control over the rights. We want to keep the rights (“we” being whoever is involved in the creations) want the rights because that means someone can’t go and use them to support what we do not want supported such as political or corporate interests.

There may come a time when all that are a part of the various parts of this may want to, for example, sell downloads to the music and that could be a possibility if those involved agree on the what, why and how of all that but at no time will those involved be relinquishing any of the mutually held rights to the music, etc.

Please contact with any questions, ideas, to be involved or to support.

As for supporting, that can be done in many ways. One is simply by sharing the site and as this moves on, to sharing the music and videos and info on any gatherings etc. There will be costs involved in this anywhere from the website, site hosting, etc and help is welcome as long as it does not go with any stipulations. The art will speak on it’s own and never will control be handed over to any corporate or political entity or anyone or anything that deviates from the goal of awakening and supporting a world where life, sustainability, rights, truth, equality, unity and peace are what the focus is.

While this is and will cost to make it happen there is not and will never be any requirement of payment or fees to be involved.
All you need is a drive to help this world.

You need not be experienced or a professional musician, singer, etc.

Any and all music and performance can fit in as long as it fits with the stated goals of peace and sustainability but just remember, this is a non commercial project and will have it’s limits on how much can be done. Hopefully all that are interested can join in and if not it can either expand or have someone else pick up the idea and spread it worldwide which is actually at the core of the idea anyway.

Thank you.

Use the contact form above please.


Please share this project around!