Flyers, etc

Here are flyers and materials that are available for you to download and print if you’d like to share them around or post them on public billboards or at events to support this project.

You are welcome to download and post them to support the project and it is appreciated, but any other use is prohibited, all material and everything associated with this site and project is c2018 All Rights Reserved. Contact me with questions.

If you do this, please only post where they are allowed and welcome, please use recycled paper and soy based or other ink that is safe for the environment and try to go take the flyers down and reuse or recycle them if wherever you post them only allows flyers to be up for a month or whatever.

For any questions, to be involved or with ideas please contact through the form on the home page.


This 1st flyer is set for a standard 8.5″ X 11″ page and is in png file format, if you need a different type you can download this and convert it or contact me for a different type.

Right click or however your device saves or choose “save as” to rename or choose what location or folder it’ll be saved as. If you don’t have a printer, a lot of libraries have them, ask them for help if you need it.

More to be added as I can.

To return to the home page where there is also the contact form click here.


Please share this project around!