The owner(s) of this site do not intentionally collect any personal information and do not sell, rent or share your email or any other information about you.

When you contact us the only use of your email or information is to respond to you, it is not sold, rented or shared to others.

Any content such as videos (such as Vimeo, Youtube, etc) or music that is hosted elsewhere (such as Soundcloud, etc) will carry with it the privacy policy of those sources and we do not have control over their use of cookies or any information you provide them, you will need to check their policies if you want to know more.

We have tried to not use any plug-ins or programs that gather any information about you, your internet surfing habits, etc and will update info as we come across it but in general and at all times if you value your privacy and want control over your data there is much you should educate yourself on when on the internet, using a smart phone or any smart device, etc.

Much can be learned from what is at this link (which is not part of this site, but shared here for your convenience) and you can research as much on your own if you like.

I would highly recommend being as informed and up to date as possible and to NOT use devices such as Alexa or anything else with a microphone and/or camera and to use best security practices with your phone, etc.

The more you are informed on those issues the more you will understand the importance of my mentioning these things.

Also I ask everyone to not only be informed and proactive in their guarding their privacy and data but to help protect an open uncensored internet.
Some ways you can help with that can be found at and 
plus you can find more on your own.

Moving away from the huge companies that harvest our info and control much of what we see is in everyone’s best interest.
Here’s one place with a bit of info where you can start doing that

And lastly I ask everyone to use and support “Open Source” programs. Those are where anyone can check the code that runs it and see if there’s any malicious code built in and so it’s much easier to know the chances are much higher of whatever program, plugin or app you are using is not harvesting your data, not spying on you and is not baiting you into giving up information that they will sell to advertisers or others.
There are many places you can look into using Open Source programs and apps, one that springs to mind is for Android users

I mention and list these things because it is your right to know about what companies may be doing with or without your knowledge and permission and also because if we want a better world we must (for tons of reasons) be able to safeguard ourselves as much as possible from surveillance from corporate or government entities and even individuals and to make a world where people, companies and governments won’t trample your rights.
As mentioned above, the more you learn on these issues the clearer it will be why I posted this for you.


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